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“Summit For Children”

Summit For Children is a charity campaign created to raise awareness of the ever-increasing incidence of child abuse in modern day society.

With sustained community effort and your support, we have the ability and power to assist those affected by fostering change. There is no greater need in our society more important than ensuring the emotional, educational and physical requirements of our children are maintained and actively nurtured.

“The mountains of today are the minds of tomorrow. “ – Delfino Di Mascio

Barnardos Australia

Barnardos Australia is one of the leading child protection charities in Australia. Barnardos helps to stop child abuse by finding safe homes for abused children through foster care and adoption and working with families to prevent abuse happening in the first place.

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How to help

You can help by liking us on the Facebook icon on our homepage. Share the page with your friends and family. Anything you do to help promote Summit For Children, will promote community awareness of this important issue. Your kind donations will help children in need with all money raised going directly to Barnardos Australia to help stop child abuse.


The next summit...

In May 2016, I have committed to climb the West Buttress of Denali. Standing at 6190m, or 20 310ft, this is a really tough undertaking! I have less than 2 months now to prepare!!!!

One thing I have learnt during these adventures, is to respect the mountain. She works her mystery and magic in ways beyond the known.

This will be another great expedition. Thanks for all the support you have all shown. Please check our Facebook page for updates, information and some great photos.

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